Wednesday 21 March 2012

I actually bought myself a lipstick !

Since I've become qualified I have barely bought myself anything makeup wise. All my Christmas stuff was for my kit anytime I've done hauls they have been for my kit, really have not bought myself anything. So when In headed up the Dublin the weekend before last I with my Brown Thomas voucher in hand, I had set my mind on getting another Face and Body for my kit, but then I started to think ..... When was the last time I had just bought something for me?

That was it I was buying something for me! And this is what I bought...

Yep Nicki Minaj Viva Glam Lipstick, the instant I swatched it I knew I wanted it. There is just nothing else like it. This is in your face pink, now it can be worn sheer and toned down, if its not for you. I really do not know how to explain the color, its warm so there defo some orange tones in there.

This picture does not do it justice!
Now I heard some rave reviews about this product but I also heard because its a satin finish it does not have the lasting power.  Well I have a wee story for yous and its one I am not proud of!

So I slept with my makeup on!! AGHHH yep not good totally broke my new years resolution! But I have been really good every other night. So anyway Saturday night after my birthday celebrations with a belly full of drink and chinese I could not have been arsed! And I just hoped in the bed and drifted off to the land of drunken dreams with a full face of makeup including Nicki on my lips! Woke up 9 hours later and Nikki is still there! Now I did not put the lipstick on before bed must have been halfway through the night I put it on so this baby lasted around about 12 hours. If thats not staying power I do not know what is!
no Flash


Ok so now I am going to slap myself on the back of my hand for been a bold girl! So what do you think of Nicki Minaj Viva Glam? Is it for you? Let me know!

Nicki Viva Glam is 17.50 at Brown Thomas and BT2 Mac Counters, all proceeds go to their MAC AIDS FUND.

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  1. Such a gorgeous colour. You deserve to treat yourself now and again (or er, every Friday like me) xx


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