Saturday 3 March 2012

February Favorite's

I have been hymning and hawing on weather to do this post because when I first taught about it I taught I had none I kept saying I am not using anything different. But I had another clear out of my room the other day( I know only did one last month! Don't ask me where I get the stuff) and I organised things into places where I use them the most and stuff and I realised ooo I am using different products!

Elizbeth Arden 8 hour cream:
Ok I got this sample at the Girls Day Out Show and I used it a few times and put it in a draw. I rediscover it a few weeks ago and I can not put it down. This sample is tiny like super small(5ml) but it's never ending I use it at least once a day on my lips and it just keeping them really moisturised and soft. Also if you like this but not the smell they are bringing out a fragrance free one!

Davines Moisturising Balm:
I got this in my January Glossybox and I really taught I was not going to use it and now it's in a Favorite's blog. This stuff is great well for my face anyway. I use it as a cleanser to take off my makeup and it's just soo lovely! The smell which I hated at first has grown on me and now I love using it at night. I 've seen this in other blogggers and vloggers Favorite's but mostly for on their hair I did try it but frankly did nothing for my hair at all!

I did a post on The Prettiest Things two weeks ago. I love this site and have a list of pieces I want! I have been reaching for my birdcage soo much this month and I have had clients comment on it asking where I got it. It's just such a cute piece! My friend let my know that you actually cud not see the birdie in the last picture so here's a better one. Also when Prettiest things reach 5000 likes on Facebook their doing a 50% off sale get liking people I have a shopping list to buy!

Party Pink:

Ok since going lilac I have been avoiding dark lipsticks and been converted back to pinks. Before the lilac hair I was like pink lipsticks make me look too young now I am like pink pink pink. I think because it just goes with the lilac where reds clash. I have been loving E.L.F Party Pink. I got this back in October in their 50% off sale so only cost me €2. I love these elf lipsticks ( they do have other lines) they are just really nice not drying last well good color payoff and great price. So yeah I'm a pink girl now any more suggestions of pink lipsticks you love let me know!

L-R:Pinker-Bell, Party Pink

Ok wrote this post last night and I have fallen in love with another pink lipstick since then, I was trying out a new lipliner and the only color I had to match it was Pinker-Bell( how cute!) from Catrice . Its really in your face and vibrant which I love! And its cheap, got this a while back for a shoot but I am sure it did not cost me more then 4 euro.

So yeah that's my favorites let me know yours?


  1. I love the 8 hour cream. It's amazing x

  2. Tried the Elizabeth Arden cream before. I really loved it! :)



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