Thursday 30 July 2015

Naked Smoky Available the 6th of August

Over the years the Naked Palettes have become a staple in nearly every Irish girls makeup bag. With the release of Naked Smoky next Thursday the 6th of August, the Naked Palette Hype is in no sight of ending soon.

I was fortunate enough to be invited along to the preview of Naked Smoky yesterday,  where the lovely Roisin gave us all the details on the launch and how well it is doing worldwide. We also got to feel, swatch, play to our hearts content with the new palette.

I have already decided it is my favourite palette from all the Naked range, why you ask?
  1. The packaging is by far the best, its sturdy, the only thing that rattles is the brush it comes with, it has a magnetic closure that stops any mishaps. Also the feel of it its smooth and sleek (its not velvet!!)
  2. You get a good selection of mattes, shimmers and satins, out of the 12 shades 9 are brand new and 3 are exclusive to the palette.
  3. The palette can easily bring you from day to night. Using just the golds and browns during the day and then amping it up on the night by adding some dagger or smolder.
  4. I love the two ended brush, the pointed end is a great pencil brush for getting under the lower lashes or highlighting the inner corners of the eye. The blending brush is also great and with the blendability of these shadows the application is just effortless.

 The Launch

With waiting lists reaching over 9000 yesterday, getting your hands on this palette is going to be tough. Urban Decay is only available in Ireland in Debenhams and House of Fraser Dundrum. So if you want to get on the list ring or visit your local store.

Debenhams will be opening their doors at 8am( an hour early) on 6th of August to accommodate the Launch, it will also be available online on  but how many will be available online we do not know, so best to head to the store.

This palette has already sold out twice in the USA so believe me when I say it will sell out in Ireland.

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