Friday 9 October 2015

How To Guide To Makeup with NYX

 Makeup can be pretty daunting when you are just starting out. I remember been 13 and my mam finally allowed me to purchase foundation and mascara and eyeliner. I knew nothing about how to apply, blend or the correct tools I needed. It has taken many years of studying, practising and finding what suits me to be at the point where I am content in my makeup application.

Here are some tips all about makeup and application;

  1. Good Skincare is a must! 
I constantly see younger girls on social media asking what is a good foundation with full coverage, I then see girls suggesting €40 foundations and then a couple of weeks later they are asking same question again because the expensive foundation suggested did not work. Some foundations are better suited to certain skin types but alot of the time foundations can really work better when the skin is been looked after properly. Finding out what type of skin type you have is key to what products you should use. Cleansing the face morning and night is mandatory, I personally favour a double cleanse, to make sure makeup is completely removed and I am getting the benefits from cleanser. I use Garnier Micellar Water for my first cleanse (currently on offer at Hickeys Pharmacy) and then a cleanser suited to my skin type as my second cleanse. I follow by toning, eye cream and moisturiser, again suited to my skin. I also use exfoliator, masque and serum once or twice a week depending on what my skin needs.
2. Using the correct tools
This can be the correct brushes, cotton buds, spoolies etc. I wrote about makeup brushes that are needed for makeup application back in 2011, you can read here. I still stand by this that you need few but good brushes to achieve good application and over the last few years even more high quality but low price tag brushes can be bought such as Real Techniques (also available at Hickeys Pharmacy). Having cotton buds at your makeup desk/makeup bag can really help with cleaning up little mistakes i.e smudged mascara/ drawing outside the lip line.
Other tools I suggest keeping about are spoolies, eyelash curler, tweezers and sharpener.

3. Fill in them brows!
This may sound hilarious and pretty basic knowledge, but I wish somebody had told me to fill in my brows when I first started. Honest truth I was 21 when I started to fill in my brows, my face would be covered in all other makeup and my brows would be non-existent. By filling in them brows you are not only giving them color and shape but you are framing the face. Giving it a defined shape and it can accentuate all of your features.
Attending a good brow artist can really help define the shape your brow and show you what suits your facial features. For when you are doing your makeup then I highly recommend NYX Tame & Frame, this brow pomade has been reviewed highly all over the blogasphere and has been linked to the famous Anastasia brow pomade. At a fraction of the price at €7.75 and available on Irish Shores I know what one I choose.

4. Blend and Blend and Blend some more!

Going back to tools invest in some good blending brushes and have spares. Blending can make or break an eye look, yes it can be tedious but the finished look can be amazing with good blending. The trick to blending, blend with a clean brush and keep practising. In blending using a clean brush will guarantee a perfect blend and that you are not putting extra work on yourself by adding more product with a dirty brush, by adding more product you are creating more time on yourself blending. Also especially on a smokey eye always use a transition color for blending, this will help the stronger colors blend more easily. I really like NYX 05 Brown Single Eyeshadow as a transition color in blending.

5. Have Fun!

I think some times we forget that makeup is an art, it is there to be played with, to think outside the box with and most of all have fun with. We get caught up sometimes on the "rules" we lose sight of the excitement in makeup. Playing with colors, trying new eye looks, lip shapes, different ways to contour is all part of the fun in makeup.
So next time you sit down to apply makeup choose different colors, colors you necessarily you would not apply, you never know you may surprise yourself and find a makeup look you really love!

 Nyx Products on the Face 

 Eyes: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Strawberry Milk
NYX Single Eyeshadow in 05 Brown

Eyebrows:NYX Tame & Frame in 04 Espresso

Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague

All Products are available at NYX stands across Ireland. I purchased mine at Hickey's Pharmacy on Henry Street.
 Hickeys are currently celebrating their 20th birthday and have some amazing offers in store at the moment . #Hickeys20
Find your nearest store here

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