Tuesday 17 December 2013

Parfois has landed in Dublin City!

Last October I wrote a post entitled Fall In Love With Parfois detailing my love of the shop and my small bag collection for them. Up until now you could only shop Parfois online in Ireland or if you were lucky enough to be heading through Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport you could shop there. So while Christmas shopping last week I literally did a little dance amongst the shoppers when I saw Parfois been constructed beside Wallis on Henry Street just a couple of doors up from the Jervis Centre.

A week later and it was opened! I wish I took a picture of inside so you could see all its beauty but I was too excited and common sense went out the window. I touched every bag walked around the shop twice and literally just savoured in the fact my favourite shop is now readily available to me.

I had to restrain myself from purchasing the whole shop and because I was still not finished Christmas shopping I could make no new bag purchase :-(. I did though purchase some new earrings which I fell in love with instantly.

These gorgeous blue grey toned drop earrings, which just scream chic to me and at €7.99 they were a total bargain.

* Since writing this post the boy and I had our mini Christmas due to me working all this week and heading home to the parents house for Christmas. He did very well with my hints and I am now an owner of a new Parfois bag which I will reveal after Christmas.

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