Wednesday 30 January 2013

Metamorphosis Lashes

Met.a.mor.pho.sis : A change of form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

A few weeks ago I saw Marijanna Martin Makeup on Facebook offer free samples* to other MUAs of her new range of lashes.  I quickly jumped at the chance, as you all know I am a big fan of lashes the bigger the better and I am constantly on the look out for good affordable lashes.




Notice something? All styles are named after iconic Hollywood screen sirens. They are perfect for creating vintage looks as well as amping up your Saturday night makeup. 

Here I am wearing Vivienne-Leigh lashes which are my upmost favorite of all three. For such a full lash you would expect for them to weigh down your eyes. but Metamorphosis lashes are so light and have thin bands. That not only are they easy to apply but they blend in naturally with your own lashes and there is none of that lazy eye effect you can get with badly made lashes. Also no need to track with eyeliner.

In this picture I am wearing Marilyn, as you can see I also have some lashes on the bottom. These are the ends of the Marilyn lashes that instead of throwing away I kept after cutting the lash to shape. Waste not want not!

Unfortunately I had a problem with my camera and my pictures of Audrey lashes were lost and then I misplaced one of the lashes. But what I can say about wearing them is they were light weight , they stayed on all night, they were not my favorite lash but that was nothing to do with the making of them just personal preference. 

I can most defiantly say I will be ordering all 3 sets of lashes again for my kit, and myself. If good care is taken of these lashes they can last up to ten times. Ive worn Vivienne-Leigh 5 times now and their still going strong. (Good care does not mean yanking them off in that sexy move you do in front of your boy before bedtime).

Metamorphosis Lashes are available online for only £3.00 each so less then €3.50 on current exchange rate. The company is based in Northern Ireland so delivery is speedy.

I am expecting big things from this company if these lashes are anything to go by. I can not wait to see what styles Marijanna comes out with next as her makeup artistry is very creative and out of the box and would love to see that reflected in her lashes.

Check out Metamorphosis Lashes Here:

*Please note even though lashes were sent free of charge all opinions are my own and in no way influenced by Metamorphosis lashes.

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