Friday 30 December 2011

Favourite Things

Breaking News!!! Just as I was about to post this I got an email off Sigma Brushes, their giving you 10% off until the 31st of January. These are high quality brushes and do not cost a fortune , I will be doing a blog post soon as soon as my new set arrive!! Click on link below and use the code 0112XJML
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Here's a list of a few of my favourite things I could not live with out (beauty related)

1: Crown B8 angle liner brush. I love my gel liner but I love my brush I apply it with more! I picked this brush up at the Beauty Show in RDS in October for 3 euro. Best 3 euro ever spent , it gives smooth lines, creates perfect flicks and it has not lost it shape even though sometimes I admit I have mistreated it and let liner build and build up on it. I will defiantly be picking up another 6 of these in March.

2: My first blog was on Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick, where I raved about shade number 1 . I am still raving, it's my favourite red shade next to M.A.C Russian Red. It is highly pigmented and longevity is amazing. As long as I do not eat or kiss boys I do not need to top it up!

3: Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Ivory. I have finally admitted to myself that I am pale and according to Mac I am a C1/NC15. It has been hard since I admitted it to find a foundation that suits my skin tone and does not burn a hole in my pocket. I am still waiting for my Mac pro card until I get it I am refusing to pay full price. I saw other bloggers raving about Colorstay and how it was a M.A.C dupe. I decided to give it a try and I have not looked back since. It gives me great coverage and suits my skin tone perfectly and is perfect for my combination skin.

4: Inglot Contour Palette , Inglot is my favourite makeup, I have not really blogged about it much because I am waiting to do a big haul in a few weeks. Anyway this is amazing I have this one since August and use it everyday and have only just reached the pan of my powder this week. For 25 euro these are a steel you get your all over face powder as well as your contouring powder or your can just get two face powders. The great staff will help you pick the right shades if your not to sure and once your finished just bring back in your palette and they will refill it with the same shades.

5: Water, not a beauty product you say but to me it is I do not think my skin would be half as good as it is if I did not drink half as much water as I do. Maybe it's because I am a pieces and were supposedly water loving, well I can not swim and not a huge fan of sailing or fishing but I do love water. I know it's hard for some people to drink 8 glasses a day and I have heard people say when I drink lots of water my skin breaks out , well this is true but your body is just flushing out it's excess oils. Once this is done your skin will love you and you will love your skin!

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