Friday 4 October 2013

Things That Just Ain't Working For Me! #1

You can not expect everything to work for you right, sometimes they do not suit your skin type or it's the wrong shade for you in makeup and what not. Sometimes products Really Do Not Work and they are just absolutely awful!

So here is a new mini series on the blog a few products I have been trying out lately that are just awful. I will post one each week or so. 

Viviscal Gentle Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner, I had received these in a goody bag at a blogger meetup and had high hopes for them but they did not live up to my standards at all. First of all the shampoo, it took at least three big squirts of it in my hair before I got anything resembling a lather/foam, I found it hard to spread around my head and after washing it out I never truly felt my hair was clean.
I tried to capture the little plastic bits but it did not work.

The conditioner, oh boy the conditioner! It is horrendous! Again I found it hard to spread and this also contained something I have never experienced before in Hair care. It felt as if it contained tiny bits of plastic in the liquid. I could feel them when I squirted some out into my hand but even when I tried to spread it throughout my hair I could still feel them. At first I thought it was something in the formula that was to dissolve but even when washing out they were still there.

Viviscal do say in their press release that you will experience less of a lather but I barely saw any lather at all. Also on top of this they claim these will condition the hair from root to tip add volume and shine and all round much healthier hair.

All I experienced was greasy hair a day later and lather less shampoo and some really difficult bottles to squeeze with my tiny hands!

Would I pay €11.95 each for 200ml, not a hope!

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