Monday 14 October 2013

Things That Ain't Working For Me! #2

Part Two of my new mini blog series and I hope you are enjoying it so far.

From the picture some of you will know what this is if you follow me on Twitter, if you do not this is the front of my phone case. What is wrong with my cute adorable bunny phone case you ask nothing! It is the device i.e my phone that sits in it that is the problem.

Back in March on my birthday I dropped my beloved Nokia E71 in a bucket of water, it had served me well for 3 years and it was time to move on to more technology. I decided to go for a Samsung Galaxy Ace  GT S7500. A lot cheaper then the Samsung Galaxy S3 out at the time and could do everything I needed it for i.e pictures, twitter, instagram, blogger, youtube etc...

Forking out for anything above 100 euro to me is a big decision and not one I take lightly, so forking out 200 euro is huge!

Everything was going wellish sometimes I experienced some freezing but its a computer and all computers freeze now and again. The phone even did me for my netflix while my iPad was out of action.  So when it went dead while out for dinner last week I thought nothing of it. That was until I had turned it on when I got home to find my scroll down notifications bar had vanished along with my pictures and sd card unreadable. I thought at first it will be grand I will turn it off for the night let it charge and turn it back on in the morning to normality.

This was not the case, again I turned it on and same as before all items missing and when I was receiving a phone call it was ringing but the screen did not change so I could answer it. Luckily I still had proof of purchase ( my hoarding of receipts has finally paid off!) and Meteor kindly took it back to be sent for repairs.

Unfortunately this meant I was phoneless for 10+ days until my friend Saskia came to the rescue.

Introducing my new iPhone 7!

Ooogle at the technology of Snake in color! They call it Snake Xenzia!

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