Thursday 24 October 2013

Things That Ain't Working For Me #3: Surya Brasil Swedish Blonde

Part three of my mini blog series and today I am bringing you another hair product. I was given this box of henna powder at a blogger event over the summer, it was when I had my balyage hair so I chose the Swedish blonde.

Never had I tried henna powder or cream before, I do remember it growing up my mam using it to dye her hair black when she was trying to avoid using drugstore products and all I could remember is the smell which honestly was not that pleasant.

A bit apprehensive about lashing it on all over I decided to do a strand test. I took a strand from the underneath and followed the instructions.

Unfortunately the end result was not pretty. I had no expectations, sure my hair was bleached and I doubted it would be able to change hair that had been died with peroxide, but on the box it has a color chart that contains a bleached hair color and the results showed a strawberry blonde color ( note the picture on the Brasil Website shows more of a copper). Well I got neither copper nor strawberry blonde, I got green!

Thankfully it was just a strand test and it was from the underneath of my hair and it washed out within two weeks.

Now this is not to say the whole range is bad or product I have seen other bloggers such as Sarah from Adoreabubbles get beautiful results from other colors and at the recent bloggers event held by Aisling from Total Makeup Addict  I met the lovely Catherine Mulcahy who came talk to us about Surya Brasil and how it all started and what other products they have. They have products for not only hair but for face and body as well and products that I would be interested in trying. Aoife from A Little Infinity won a Surya Brasil hamper in the raffle and the smell from some of the products was to dye for, I am really looking forward to reading some of her reviews on the brand.

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