Friday 4 October 2013

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm - Dare I say it my Holy Grail Cleanser!

As you all know I like to give everything a good trial, Items like tans, Hair care, cleansers and so on get a good trial of a month before I will review it on the blog.

This little beauty I have for quiet some time now and have yet to review it on the blog. The reason for this is I believed after using it for month straight that I had found my Holy Grail of cleansers. This is a pretty big thing and not something I just throw around lightly. But this is my number one cleanser!

Now before I get into the review I want to tell you about Merumaya and it's founder Maleka Dattu. On a sunny July morning I was invited to Arnotts for a bloggers breakfast by Lekha who is in charge of PR for Merumaya. As you all know I work nights and mornings are not my thing, but I was intrigued by the brand that I had not heard much about so I popped along at 8:30am. To say I was thrilled to have gotten my bum out of the bed and went would be an understatement I came out of the breakfast with a huge understanding and fondness for the brand Merumaya and also completely inspired by Maleka who in my eyes is a wonder women with juggling a baby and a company that just keeps growing. Also she gave us bacon rolls with ketchup and I am a sucker for bacon!

Maleka has a very impressive CV she has worked for company's Clinque, Origins and LancĂ´me, in 2006 she was awarded with Cosmetic Executive Women's Achiever of the Year. In 2010 she decided to fulfill her dream and create Merumaya Integrative Effective Skincare. She wanted to create a brand that would not only help prevent skin aging but to also perfect existing signs of against and help skin to perform better for itself while protecting against skin ageing aggressors.

So back to the Melting Cleansing Balm. It is part of a double cleanse process but you double cleanse with the Melting Cleansing Balm, if you have oilier or troublesome skin Maleka does recommend cleansing with this first and then move onto Merumaya Luxury Facial Wash. I have normal to combination skin so I have no need to change. You massage the balm all over your dry face and it begins to break down your makeup. Adding water it turns milky and really gives your face a good clean. Remove with a damp facial cloth or Everyday Cleansing Cloth from Merumaya. And then you repeat.

So what makes this my ultimate favorite cleanser, well there's a few things.

The smell- At first when trying it at the bloggers breakfast I was not a fan, but after using it a few times it has grown on me and whenever I smell it I think of luxury. The smell is the Merumaya Signature Essence Blend which you will find in most but not all of the Merumaya brand.

It's Effortlessness- It is so easy to use! It's one product and it does all the work, there's no harsh scrubbing, it does what it says and melts away your makeup as well as dirt and grime. With the second cleanse you really get down into the skin to really give it a good clean.

It removes my Bomb proof Inglot Gel Liner- No joke a little massage around the eye and it just melts away. Mascara and all, and furthermore it does not sting the eye or make it red. Perfect!

It is affordable - For 100ml it will only set you back €18.50 and is readily available in Arnotts, and

If you have yet to try out Merumaya you should really give it a whirl.

Blogging wise does this mean I will never try another cleanser, no. I try out new things all the time and even have some different cleanser reviews coming over next month or so, but I know they will be all compared to the Melting Cleansing Balm and so far I have yet to use one even on par let alone better then it.

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