Thursday 31 October 2013

Penneys Exfoliating Foot Mask

I have never been a big fan of feet, like who is? Well a part from foot fetish people but lets not go there!  I work on my feet there is no sitting down in my profession and no matter how good my shoes are or if I have socks on I will always end up with wet feet. I am constantly walking in puddles the glass washer is leaking sinks are over flowing, you would be surprised I had to teach a few lads in my job how to fix a u-bend before in work.

With my feet constantly been "attacked" it's no wonder the skin can get hard and they just turn nasty  and I would not even take my socks off for nobody not even if Tom Hardy was asking me to.

So I had heard about these Foot Mask from Penneys from Twitter, bloggers had been chatting about them for months some absolutely loving them, some loathing them aka Dani from The disgust some people have for them is nothing to do with the mask itself which is very easy and pleasant to use it's what happens 5 days later...
Before I get into the "changes" that happen to your feet I will just give you a quick low down of the process/application, because it's all very easy. 

1. You cut open the open top of packet be careful as you do not want to cut the socks.
2. You take out the folded socks as seen above and unfold them and cut along the scissor line
3. Place the socks on your feet for 1 hour - 90 minutes
4. Sit back blog/watch the soaps / file your nails etc...
5. Take socks off, wash feet and throw socks in the bin.

Easy Peasy! 

The fun part/ or gruesome how ever you view it, these masks do not work straight away, they can up to five days till you start seeing the results and then another 4 days to complete the process. I eagerly waited checking my feet everyday to see any hint of changes even at the fourth day I was like these do not work at all my feet are still same ugly hooves they always was. Then while I slept that night and woke the next morning the "Process" had begun.

"The Process"
I would love to vividly go into this pictures and all but I would like people to come back an read my blog so I will keep it short and straight to the point. Your skin just starts peeling off your feet like a snake sheds it skin, or you get sun-burnt and start peeling, except its much thicker as your sole of your feet are much thicker. It can take anywhere up to four days for your whole two feet to fully peel. Honestly I would say if you have a boyfriends I would definatly not let them near your feet during the process. It just it's not the prettiest. 

The Result
You are left with silky smooth feet that happily let Robin Thicke sing into as he did in The Blurred Lines video.

These retail at €4.50 in Penneys/Primark stores, they may not be easily available because they always sell out but I found mine in the Artane Penneys.

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