Friday 28 December 2012

In Love with Avons Moroccan Argan Oil Haircare!

As you all know I am a big fan of Avon, and my reviews on their products are some of my most popular on the blog. So when I got some Avon goodies off my two nieces for Christmas I was super delighted. In this bundle was the Avon Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment. So Christmas morning after all the kiddies presents were open and I had a little snooze( as you know I work nights so waking up on Christmas morn at 9 am was tough) I hoped in the shower with my goodies!

Seeing my sister had already had some of the shampoo and conditioner in open I used hers instead ( sorry sis!) sure it's the same stuff. Washed my hair as normal left the conditioner in for two minutes and rinsed out. Towel dried my hair and popped a good malteeser size amount of the leave in treatment in my hand rubbed together and rubbed and combed through out my hair. Blow dried as normal and then I popped into a plait. I was so distracted by the thoughts of dinner I literally forgot about thinking about the product and how my hair was! So Stephens morning was when I noticed it was still really shiny and soft and smelled good even though I was in the kitchen most of Christmas morning.

So this morning I did the whole routine again and by gosh my hair is looking great. It's so shiny and smooth even with the gales out there. After blow drying it barely kinked out which surprised me because since the balayage it has not been staying straight as it used to and was becoming very dry. So now I am in love and I think this will be my go to hair care for the next while anyway.

Prices: Avon has a sale on for the next 5 days so get ordering quick for these amazing prices
Shampoo €1.80 normally €3.60
Conditioner €1.80 normally €3.60
Leave in treatment €4.85 normally €7.00

Avon can be ordered from your local representative.


  1. Oh thanks!! I've also seen the serum used on fresh hair. Blowdry it in and it will help hair hold a style!

  2. Love reading about other people using argan oil! Argan oil is great and definitely my newest must have beauty product! I started out using it on my hair - and then on my skin eventually too! Argan oil works wonders on the skin and if you are pleased with what it has done for your hair - you'll love how much tighter, hydrated, and softer your skin will feel! I've never tried any Avon products but have experimented with a number of different brands before coming across They have a great moisturizer called "Defend" that I've sworn by, especially now that it's winter.


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