Tuesday 18 December 2012

My Sleek Eye Dust Collection *Picture Heavy*

I have to bought any beauty products lately so I have had no haul posts or reviews to do so I was a bit unsure what to blog about! Then I realised I have a tonne of products you have never even seen and I may not have mentioned even. One of which is my Sleek Eye Dust collection e.g pigments. I have 11 in total and I grab for them a lot especially for nights out and dramatic makeup.

Pigments are one of my all time favorite makeup product, they are so versatile! They can be used wet or dry, mixed with lipgloss then can b used on lips as well as eyes. Irresdescent shades can be used as highlighter i.e MAC Vanilla Pigment. The possibilities are endless!

I have got all my eye dusts on beautyemporium.ie but unfortunately they are no longer available on the website but they can be purchased on Sleek's website

Now for my collection each. There are two swatches of each the one on left is dry swatch and right is wet swatch.

This is matte, my arm is just full of glitter from previous swatches


  1. I love sleek eyeshadows xo


  2. Wow they look great. Especially when wet!



    1. I always use them wet their great over a black base perfect smokey dramatic eye! X

  3. They seem to be of a really good quality!


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