Tuesday 11 December 2012

Christmas Blogger Meetup

The fabulous Adoreabubbles aka Sarah organised our Christmas Meetup this year. This is my second meet up as I went to the one in Cork the day before I went to Portugal. First off I would like to thank Sarah for organising a great day and how organised and calm she was incredible ( if it was me I would be a wreck) but dressed up to the nines in her festive gear she was as calm as a cucumber and as organised and as welcoming as ever.

On the day there was around 40 of us, which I was completely in shock about and there's even more then arrived on the day, there must be at least around 100 Irish Beauty Bloggers and Vloggers at this stage. Which is great to see our little community growing and be able to interact with people of similar interests as our own. I saw some familiar faces and some new ones I had never met before so it was great to check out some new blogs on Sunday (my lazy day) and found some actual gems!
Niamh Martin of Nima Brush
The day started off in Russel Court Hotel on Harcourt Street, where we all crowded into the warm library room for some inspiring talks from Niamh Martin and Marissa Carter. I heard of Niamh through the makeup business and had heard about her line of makeup brushes. I am always a bit sceptical about brushes I can not feel or touch which is why I buy most of mine from beauty sand in store but after sampling Niamh's brushes on Saturday they are defiantly on my to buy list in the new year. She also showed us the Magic Mitt  which I was in awe of but there will be more on that in a later post and a video because seeing is believing with these things! Niamh is defiantly a homegrown inspiration to any Irish Makeup Artist and if you have yet to hear about her check her out on Facebook and Twitter.
Marissa Carter of Carter Beauty and Cocoa Brown Tan

Next we had a talk from Marissa Carter of Carter Beauty in Blackrock and of the new Cocoa Brown Tan that has just hit our shelves. Now I have yet to try the tan( I will be tomorrow before a staff night out) but first impressions of it from Saturday get the thumbs up from me. Marissa is completely delightful and a great representation of what an Irish working women is today. She is glamorous, fashionable and so driven in her passion for her brand. We all sat in awe of her on Saturday and I do not think one blogger left without feeling inspired.
Emma of Fluff and Fripperies

We then all had a little mingle with each other raging I did not make it around the room I missed out on saying hi to so many girls. We then had little talks from Emma from Fluff and Fripperies, Kat and Rochelle from Dolly Rouge and Elaine from Misse Blog about design and loving your blog and technical stuff to do with your blog.
Some of the bloggers and their cocktails

14 of us then headed to Lush to have a browse around and Sarah aka Princesswatshername found out what the word moth was and then we headed to Hard Rock Cafe for Cocktails and dinner.
I had a bud because I am such a man!

I had a great day and was amazing to see some old faces and new faces. I finally feel back in the loop of this blogging world as since I have come back I kind of felt a bit lost in it all and this is mainly why the blog has not been updated that much. But that passion I had before is back and them little things I was worrying about aka losing my tripod are just minor bumps along the road.


  1. Argh I'm raging I didn't get to talk to you! I missed out on having the chats with lots of girlies so will have to make sure we catch up at the next one :)

  2. I'm so glad you had a great day, it was so nice to see you again :D

  3. was lovely meeting you :)


    1. Commenting on your blog when your commenting on mine! Lovely to meet you 2 xx

  4. This is like a perfect description of the day! Still have no clue as to why the word moth is used to describe a girl but thats just crazy dublin peeps I guess :)

    1. Awh thank you! Yes because Cork people are not crazy at all!

  5. Really was a lovely day! So nice meeting you too x

  6. Big shiny head on me! Raging I never got to chat to you - next time! xo


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