Tuesday 8 January 2013

Faces of December/ Christmas/New Years

Another faces post, I rather like doing these more then face of the day post so I will probably do these monthly from now on. As some of you might not know I work in a nightclub and a little requirement is to dress to impress or as my manager puts it "Sex Sells". Some of you my find that derogatory but the fact is I adore my job and getting to play around with looks that I may only get to wear when I am heading out with the girlos is soo much fun! And frankly all I do is serve drinks and throw a few bottles around!

New year I said I needed to start experimenting more with colors and start wearing blue which is a color I can not stand for some reason and try veer away from my normal smokey eye look. Slowly but surely I am getting there and I am even wearing out the blue in public.

So here is the looks any questions just leave them in the comments box or requests for tutorials!

A grey/silver smokey eye and Sleek pout paint lips in Pin Up

I'm back wearing strip lashes the bigger the better!

Glitter Glitter!

A rare night out and not a smokey eye in sight! Golden Eye

Date night look just a tad bit of a smokey eye and some mega long individual lashes!

Blue and Purple !

All blue!

The Old Favorite

Rocking my new lashes from metamorphosis-lashes


  1. Wow, blue REALLY suits your eyes! And your winged liner is perfect, I'm really jealous! Are you wearing bottom eyelashes in some pictures or just a mascara? :)

    1. Thanks Chloe. They are my own lashes with mascara

  2. you have perfect skin, so jealous!!

    1. Haha ur jokin I have spots just makeup does wonders haha!

  3. Love that golden eye look, also your lashes look fab!


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