Thursday 19 April 2012

Review- Avon Nailwear Pro+ Sea Breeze and Lemon Sugar

About two weeks ago my Avon order arrived with two new polishes from Avon new Nailwear Pro+ range. This reformulated range now contains not only Diamond Dust but also calcium and keratin to help strengthen the nails. There is 13 new colors ( well 12 and a clear) and Avon states there is up to 12 days wear!

I choose Lemon Sugar and Sea Breeze as these are some staple colors for the spring/summer months ( we can just pretend its summer in Ireland). I had no expectations at all, as you know from my blog I am a regular Avon purchaser and love alot of their products. I own a couple of their nailwear pro range and I really like their color range and also their staying power. FACT: Avon sells one nailwear pro nail enamels every 10 seconds !

Now even though my nails are still in need of more TLC I could not resist trying these out over the Easter weekend. In my OOTD Post Here you will see I painted all my nails in  Lemon Sugar and one in Sea Breeze. I got about 3 days wear from them before chipping began, well more peeling but I find this happens with all my polishes I put a matte coat on. I use ELF Matte Coat in case your wondering. I applied three coats but really I just needed two. I got a few compliments on the color (not my nail painting skills).

Formula wise I find these two colors a bit watery, especially the Lemon Sugar even after wiping the brush on the rim the nail varnish just continues to pour out of it. The brush just seems to  hold to much of it. But after a double wipe the brush is fine to use. On the first coat as you can see below, you can see that it does not go on so easily which I think is down to the wateriness.

First Coat- Sea Breeze

First coat- Lemon Sugar
 Second Coat Lemon Sugar is now completely even but I do feel Sea Breeze could do with another coat as some of my natural nail color is showing , but only a thin layer. Note there is no top coat on in these pictures.

 Overall I am pretty pleased with these nail varnishes, now they had not lived up to the twelve day wear but what nail varnish does, think you would have to your hands in gloves all the time for nail varnishes to remain unchipped for 12 days! I am really interested in trying out some of the other colors when they come out in the main brochure. These are available from brochure 9 on wards at the special introductory offer of 3.25 and will be 8.00 euro afterwards.

As far as the nail TLC is going I picked these up in Holland and Barrett at the weekend they were half price so they only cost 4.99 which I taught was pretty reasonable. Now I have not seen major improvements so far but I have realised I am supposed to be taking three a day and not the one I have been taking. So from tomorrow I will be in on the right dose and will update further.

As you can see it contains alot of vitamins so if you are considering taking these you must stop taking any multivitamins you are already taking.

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  1. Really pretty shades, I actually want to start taking supplements considering I don;t eat very well, I'm an awful fusspot!

    jaonne from


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