Saturday 28 April 2012

April Empties and A Big Change!

I've seen a few empties posts around lately especially on Essie Button and I've really enjoyed them. Also Ive decided not to do a Aprils Favorites because frankly nothing has extremely stood out this month, but I have actually finished quite a few products the last month.

 Firstly Davines Cleanser which I received in a glossybox, at first I hated this multi-functional product! It did not do much for my hair and would not have even lasted a week if I had of used it on my body. but then I start using it as a cleanser, now not the way they state on the box but with good old two cotton pads routine.  Never has my skin felt so clean after a cleanser! I just love it and would defiantly repurchase, but I changed my skin care routine as of yesterday and I am trying all new products out so will update you all during the week! 
 Next Simple Cleanser, I've used it for a long time but alas it no longer does its job and I literally just used it as to not waste space on my shelves. A few weeks ago when I organised my beauty shelf I did have six bottles of these two were nearly empty so I used them up. I gave one to a friend who was actually using body lotion on her face as a moisturiser and the rest I am keeping for my kit because this sits really well under makeup.

 Toner also finished up this month, nothing to really say about it just its a toner it does its job, but now another toner has stolen my heart and I will no longer be repurchasing!:(
 Wipes, Wipes Wipes! Simple wipes and Soap and Glory wipes, I did say in January I use these to take off makeup when I am lazy but I take it all back I never use them now. They are the worst thing you could possibly do to your skin. I basically used these to clean the packaging on my makeup palettes. No point in wasting!
 I have loved this hand cream forever and it will always be my favorite. This is just limited edition packaging but it usually comes in Avon's normal white and blue packaging and always on offer for €1.25 and last for so long. Already repurchased and have two bottles waiting to go!
 Hair care stuff. Finished off the la riche directions in lilac put some in shampoo and used the rest for dying my hair, I still feel it washes out to quick, sitting here tying with blonde hair, so it defiantly washes out too quick! And a bottle of my purple shampoo as I said in the haircare video I use it every second shower so two to three times a week and it lasted for about two and half months so pretty good for a small bottle. Already repurchased!
 This all go used for dying my hair in one go! My hair just did not work out last week and I had to redye it more purple so I used the whole bottle in two applications. So I can not comment weather it was any good, but remember that amazing smell? It does not stay in your hair after you use it :( thumbs down on this Avon! Will not be repurchasing!
 I love Batiste, I have confessed my love for this a million times over but by god this batiste was horrible! I bought it for the packaging, and I stupidly never smelled it and bought a big bottle. Oh how I gagged every time I sprayed it! The dry shampoo worked fine, just the smell was unbearable, and I was praying for the day it would run out! Will not be repurchasing but I have bought the batiste xxl volume one!

The Big Change!
Earlier today I announced on twitter I had big news! Unfortunaly Sarah aka Adoreabubbles got it wrong but I taught I would share her tweet because I nearly choked on my coffee when I read it!!
Next Sunday, the 6th of April I am leaving dreary old Ireland behind for 6 months! My Nanny, the legend may I add, got me a job in Portugal while she was on holiday there. I have not announced this sooner purely for the fact I ONLY FOUND OUT YESTERDAY!
 Its official, flight is booked! I am 22 now and I did leave Ireland when I was 19 but I just got stuck in England and never made it further so when this opportunity came up snatched it right up. I have no ties, no boys, no babas and I have a profession that I can travel with. This week will probably be super stressful, I have Itec exams, I have blogger meet ups , I have to sort out all my businessey side of things as well as pack and get summer clothes, so please bear with me with lacks of blogs this week.

Do not think I am leaving you behind though once I am settled blogs will be up as regular as usual even if I have to sacrifice my sleep. This blog is my baby and I cherish it with all my heart and appreciate all the support and readers and comments I get. I could never leave it behind ever! I do not know if videos will be happening, which I am gutted about but I will know more when I am over there a least you will still have one half of me.

I have started to write lists for packing and I just wanted to show you the difference between my cosmetics list and clothes list! You can see which I love more!

Adios Amigos!
(I think that's  Portuguese!)


  1. Ooh, exciting news, really exciting! I look forward to hearing about it.

    And it was interesting to hear your thoughts about the first product, the Davies balm. I have this too and hated it at first, but I just used it to wipe my make up off and I have to say, it did a pretty good job. One question though, do you usually rinse it off afterwards?


    1. No never I felt it worked better when I did not rinse it just used it like regular cleanser.

    2. I've started using mine now, thanks for the tip! Glad that it's not going to waste.

  2. I hope you have an absolute blast! I would love to travel to America for a few months but I think my BF would die if I left him for longer than two days! Can't wait for the meetup this weekend, I hope you can still go. x

  3. Oh how exciting, looking forward to seeing you blog from Portugal! I went there last Aug for a holiday its so nice! Oh and thanks for saying about the makeup wipes, I stopped using them but I've gotten lazy again and keep reaching for them, need to stop!

  4. That's amazing! What a great opportunity! Good luck! :)


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