Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Poor Little Nails!Help Needed!

My poor little nails have been through the mill the last few weeks, they got completely forgot about last couple of weeks and showed some serious signs of neglect. I was keeping them lovely and painted and pretty but underneath they were breaking and flaking. Cuticles had become dry and cracked some them even becoming sore. I know I should be scolded on the backs of my hands!

So last week I became a women on a mission to get back to normality, I whipped back out the hand cream and cuticle oil , and put away the nail varnish for the time being. Applying the hand cream every chance I get and the cuticle oil just before bed and in the morning.

As you can see some of the cuticles are still healing but their ten times better then what they were. Now where I need the help is my actual nails. As you can see their not very long actually their super short. They just keep breaking and are not getting any longer, the flakiness has stopped though. So suggestions are needed for something that's going to make them stronger and stop all this breaking so I can have purdy nails for summer time. I will try anything! And of course I will keep you updated on  how I get on!
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