Sunday 22 April 2012

Picture Sunday!

I love seeing peoples week in pictures on other blogs and decided after this week of finding out I already had Instagram that I will be bracing you with now a permanent feature on my blog which will be Picture Sunday!  Now I will not be bracing you with every picture from my Instagram also some pictures might not be on my Instagram so if you want to follow me my name on it is Meganrosemua. Hope you will enjoy this new feature!

Checking out Canadian visas/ Tea and Muffin/ 
Bloggers meet up in Cork/ Washing the oul brushes(this is not all of them there is about 40 more!)

Geeky Glasses/ One of many rainbows this week/
Two ootd that I will not be blogging about

Hope you all are having a great Sunday 


  1. Love these posts! Instagram is so addictive! Ooh all those brushes!

  2. I'm still waiting for Instagram for Blackberry, it's doing my head in!

    I've nominated you for blog awards also, if you'd like to do them, but no pressure :)
    You can find them here, if you're bored enough to do it!

    Chloe xo


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