Friday 13 April 2012

A Nice Little Prize From Ms.Fluff and Fripperies!

About two weeks ago I was having a bit of a lucky streak and won not one but two competitions! One of them been from the lovely Emma from Fluff and Fripperies. The competition was over on her Facebook Page and it was just a like and share competition. So here is my prizes

Check out Emma's Cute Card!

Two Lovely NYC products, High Definition Separating Mascara and Liquid Lipshine 

The shade I got was 575 Brighton Beach Peach. Its a shimmery peach shade that applies sheer.

First thing I said when I saw it was this is going to be sticky, it says non sticky on the packaging but I was like YEAH Right! I was proved wrong no stickiness at all, very moisturising in fact. I will say the smell can be very sickly sweet but it goes away after a few minutes of applying it.

Next up is the High Definition Mascara, I have not own a mascara with a small wand in years, I am all about the volume and big brushes! But I recently got some spectacles and big volumised lashes do not work with glasses so this mascara is perfect!

As you can see it does exactly what it says on the tin! Separates and Defines, its not clumpy at all and has good staying power!

So thanks Emma for my lovely prizes!!


  1. Wow, these look really great. Love the colour on your lips and your eyelashes look so defined and lovely xx

  2. I won some NYC from Emma a while back too, & I fell in love with this mascara! It's not something I'd wear for a night out, but for day-time (particularly since I also have glasses) it's amazing! Also, it works well over other mascaras, if you've volumised & want to lengthen a tad :) x

    1. awh Emma is soo lovely giving us all prizes will have to try with other mascaras thanks for the tip x

  3. Ooh winning goodies is the best! The lipshine looks nice, I hate sticky glosses!

    1. my pet hate is when your talking to someone and their lips are sticking together from lipgloss yuck!

  4. That NYC mascara is my favourite x


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