Saturday 14 April 2012

Face FX Makeup Supplies

Getting hold of materials needed for special effects makeup used to be a bit of a challenge here in Ireland. Most of the time I resorted to ebay, as Charles Foxes website would be constantly down, but the shipping cost would be horrendous. So when I was walking around the Irish Beauty Show last month I was surprised to find a special effects stand down near the back. I nearly completely walked past it but I caught the sight of bottled blood out the corner of my eye and quickly did a u-turn.

Managing Director and Makeup Artist Christine Penston, saw the want for theatrical and media makeup in the Irish Market and set up her online company Face FX Makeup Supplies. Carrying leading brands such as Kryolan, Wolfe Fx, Duo just to name a few, they carry everything you need weather its just sticking on false eyelashes or creating a terrifying flesh eating zombie!

I recently made a small purchase for an upcoming shoot I have here is what I got:

Face FX are offering 12.5% off your first purchase using the code FACEFXTS2012

They also offer next day delivery in Ireland! Oh and its FREE!!

Check them out here

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