Monday 14 September 2015

Slimming World Update- Tips To Stay On Track When You Can Not Make Group

We all get them times when life can get super busy, 10 million things to do and not enough time to do it in. That was August for me! I had to prioritise and choose things that needed my time and things that at this moment I could not afford to give my time to. 

That is why at this moment I am not attending weekly weigh ins. After a crazy busy August of a horrendous flu that had me a week in bed, my Mams 50th and multiple of friends birthdays and preparing for college I could not make my weekly Monday meetings. 

At the moment I am waiting to get my college time table to see will I be home from college on a Monday to start going back or will I have to change group. I do miss group, group provides great support and let's you talk about your journey in an open non - judgemental setting.
I may not be at group but I am still following the plan. Slimming world is great in that sense it provides you with the tools to carry on in your everyday life.

So here are some tips to stay on track when you can not make group.

Remember why you started! 
So cliché I know but it really does help. We all started on this journey for a reason weather it was to lose weight, get healthy, feel better about ourselves or all of the above . If you keep this in mind then you are sure to stay on track.

Use your tools! 
 When you started you were given the tools in the form of your books and online tools i.e syn calculator. When you feel you are losing your way read the book. When you are unsure of syns use the calculator or the syns online tool with a list of  branded product syns.

Keep in touch with fellow slimming worlders! 
Weather it's the ladies from group, slimming world family on Instagram or one of the many groups on Facebook. All these men and women are on the same journey as you and can relate to every craving, every bad day, every milestone. A little word of encouragement can really set your mind back on track.

Do not deprive yourself!
It's the same as been in group, if you really want something have it by not having that naughty treat/ that extra tipple/cheeky takeaway you can drive yourself demented. Slimming world set you up with the tools to control your attitude towards food. So if you went way over syns or had a big binge get up the next morning and start all over again back on track.

Avoid the scales at home!
If you are used to the scales at group do not start weighing yourself at home if you miss a meeting or two. Scales at home can be totally different from scales at group. They are not calibrated the same. You could be losing weight or maintaining but the scales you have at home could have you at a three pound gain. This can really change you attitude towards the plan, you could end throwing all the hard work you have been putting in because of scales that weigh you different.

Hope my tips help you when you life gets to busy and you can not make group. Remember to stick to plan and everything will work out great.

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