Wednesday 8 January 2014

2014 Goals

Get a 2014 Diary

I like to be a organised person, planning ahead helps me not get too lost in my own daydreams and I get more accomplished out of my days. In 2012 I had a diary and it came everywhere with me I would jot down appointments, ideas, blog post even how much money I had for the week. When it came to 2013 I never bought one and I regretted it. I forgot plans, the blog lacked in posts, I was late for things (except work) and I felt I was missing my left arm. I know we all have diaries on our phones but for some reason for me nothing compares to the feeling of writing on paper.

Get fitter, Eat cleaner, Stay motivated

Two years ago, I lost a significant amount of weight, gradually I have let some of that weight creep back on and I have decided now it is the time to tackle it head on. I am not trying to get a body for summer I am trying to change parts of my lifestyle that will benefit me for life, and the body that results from these changes is the bonus of living healthier. Last year I found out some health issues I never knew I even had and even though I am still waiting on results and consultations, I know that having a cleaner lifestyle will only benefit these issues. My boy is also joining me on this change and is really helping me stay motivated. I downloaded My Fitness Pal App which is really helping me control portion size and see what nutrition I am getting from food and also what I am lacking in. It has a great database of food on it and you can also scan bar codes. It also links up to my Runtastic App which tracks my exercise.

Blog More
I love blogging I really do but some times I lack in my motivation to blog. In 2012 I wrote 102 posts but in 2013 I only wrote 50, this year I am going to try aim for 150. I am trying to be realistic to myself, I do not want to say Ill write 300 and then let myself down at the end of it, I work full time and unfortunately its no where near a computer so better to be realistic with myself. I am going to introduce outfit of the day posts back into the blog and also more food recipes. I also will be getting a redesign done sometime in the near future.

 Educate Myself More

For the last few years my plans have been work and travel and earn some "dolla bills". For some while now I have been feeling I have been getting older and I kind of do not have anything to show for it. Yes I have diplomas in the Hospitality and am a qualified in Makeup Artistry but I do not have a career. I really do not want to keep getting older and all my social networking sites to say
" Megan-Rose Core
Head bartender/Makeup Artist"
Even though I love working in the bar Industry its not a lifelong job for me. So come September 2014 I will be back in college and getting my full Qualification in Beauty Therapy. Yes it means putting my travelling plans on hold for two years but I feel I will always travel no matter my age but I do not think I would go back to college once I am older so now is the right time.

So these are my goals for 2014, I would love to hear yours.

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