Sunday 1 September 2013

September Beauty Blog Challenge #SBBC

This month I have decided to take part in Girl Friday's Beauty Blog Challenge. As of late my blogging mojo has been on an hiatus and my blog has been suffering. Over last few months there's been a lot of changes in work and my hours have increased significantly so I am now only getting into a routine.

I still found time to catch up on my favourite blogs though and when I saw Girl Friday was doing another beauty blog challenge I just had to jump on the bandwagon. I loved #JBBC and even though it was a lot of bloggers writing on the same subjects they all had something different to offer each topic. AnnMarie has out done herself on this challenge and provided us with not one topic a day but two to choose from, one been a beauty topic and one been lifestyle. I am for sure going to take advantage of the two topics and include some lifestyle posts.

What I am really hoping to gain from this challenge is to get back into my blogging routine and to write about things I maybe would never even have thought about writing... Sure it is called a challenge after all.

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