Thursday 5 September 2013

#SBBC Day 5: A Recipe I Love : Vegetable Cobbler

This is one of my favourite recipes that I love to make during the winter. It is so filling and chock full of vegetables.

Serves : 4
1 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove
2 onions, finely chopped (or 8 shallots, halved)
225g (8 oz) swede, chopped
2 carrots sliced
1/2 head of cauliflower, broken into florets
225g (8 oz) button mushrooms , sliced
400g tin chopped tomatoes
55g (2 oz) lentils
2 tbsp cornflour
3-4 tbsp water
300ml (1/2 pint) vegetable stock
2 tsp Tabasco sauce
2 tsp oregano, freshly chopped

225g (8 oz) self-raising flour
pinch salt
4 tbsp butter
115g (4 oz) grated Cheddar cheese
2 tsp fresh chopped oregano
150ml milk
1 egg lightly beaten


Prep:30min  ›  Cook:50min  ›  Ready in:1hr20min

1.Preheat oven to 180 C / gas mark 4. Heat oil in large frying pan and cook garlic and onion over low heat for 5 minutes. Add swede, carrots and cauliflower and cook for 2-3 minutes.
2.Add mushrooms, tomatoes and lentils. Place the cornflour and water in bowl mix into a smooth paste. Stir into frying pan with the stock, Tabasco and oregano. Transfer to an ovenproof dish, cover and bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes.
3.To make topping, sift the flour and salt in a bowl. Add butter and rub it in, then stir in most of the cheese and oregano. Beat the egg with milk in small bowl and add enough to the dry ingredients to make a soft dough. Knead, then roll out on a lightly floured work surface to 1cm (1/2 in) thick. Cut into 5cm (2 in) rounds.
4.Remove dish from the oven and increase the temperature to 200 C / gas mark 6. Arrange the dough rounds around the edge of the dish, brush with the remaining egg and milk mixture and sprinkle with the remaining cheese. Cook for a further 10-12 minutes.

All vegetables can varied according to your personal tastes.

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