Thursday 12 September 2013

#SBBC Day 6: Travel Dreams- Bali

I have quite a few places I would like to go in the world after my year in Canada next year, but the one place that has been top of my list for years now has been Bali.

My love affair with Bali all started after I watched the movie Eat,Pray,Love, which I have since watched another 10 times. Ever since then I have ogled over pictures of its landscapes, priced countless flights, looked at hotels, hostels, car hires etc..

After all this research my plan of action is to travel to Bali for 30 days and back pack around the island. For us Irish folk we can travel to Bali without a visa and purchase a short stay one (30 days) upon arrival at the airport for around €20 and if you wanted to stay for up to 60 days its just another ~€20.

I want to travel around the island, visit a few places around the coast and up the mountains. I do plan on spending about five days in Kuta which is a party central place for tourist and backpackers and mainly Aussies. It's a great place to meet other backpackers and getting any supply's you need as I do plan on traveling light.

Another place I do plan on spending a few days is Ubud, where Eat,Pray, Love was based in Bali. I want to hopefully visit Kieutut the medicine man (if he's still alive) and also while here I want to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest, which is a Hindu Temple that's grounds have been inhabited by 100s of monkeys.

The rest of the time there I will probably play it by ear see where the road brings me and just enjoy it all.

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