Thursday 5 September 2013

#SBBC Day 4: Positives about Blogging.

I can not believe come November that my Blog will be live for two years now . I still remember the first time I sat down to write  my very first blog post about Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks. For todays #SBBC the lifestyle post is to talk about the positives of blogging and I have a few.

Irish Bloggers and Vloggers
Over last two years I have many amazing women who blog and vlog the same as me. These women are not only some of the wittiest, glamorous but are also the least judgemental and kind hearted I have ever met. From the events and meet ups I have met them all at have been some of the best times Ive had since my blogging journey began. I probably would have never met half of these women if I would never even started blogging as we all come from different walks of life are all in different jobs and live in different parts of the country. They are the most accepting group I have ever met and am glad I can call them friends.

The Self Esteem Boost
We all have good days and bad days but on bad days when you go onto your blog or youtube channel and you receive a lovely comment it can make everything seem a bit brighter. And even though its not about blogging stats to see you reach another milestone number can really give you the belief in yourself that what your writing is actually readable and you not some crazy arse girl babbling on about makeup.

Having a Reason to Shop
When someone says do you not think you have enough blusher/mascara/eyeliner etc... my response is It is for the blog! That all that needs to be said as it is a total legitimate reason.  So when someone says I have too much makeup all I say is I can never have enough because I have the blog and it needs to be updated.

So here are some of my positives of blogging I know I have a good few more but the brain is not working at the moment.

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