Friday 26 July 2013

My 10 pan blush palette and why I paid too much!

In my early days I touched on this subject slightly on my 120 eyeshadow palette here. 18 months on and I am revisiting the subject again but this time with my 10 pan blush palette. You see these palettes again are mass manufactured again in the same company as the eyeshadow palettes. They are then sold on to different companies for what is known as "Private Labelling".

Now I could go into all this for you and explains the ins and outs of it all, but another fellow Irish Blogger Annette did a fabulous post on this in the last month and I would only be reiterating on what she said. So if you would like to know what "Private Labelling" is then check out her blog post.

If you follow my Youtube channel you will know I bought this palette from the Crown Brush stand for £15. I knew I could get it for cheaper but I had shoots coming up and had no time to wait for delivery off Ebay. (Asian Ebay purchases can take anywhere from 7 days to 9 weeks to deliver.)

In terms of prices I have seen for these palettes I was not drastically ripped off and ended up only paying in region of 13 more just for convenience.

Now before I go into the prices I just want to say I love the palette. It hosts a great range of colors and has great pigmentation which you can see from the swatches. It has mattes and shimmers and from pinks to corals. I have already had a lot of use from it and see me getting plenty more from it

 Top row l-r
Bottom row l-r

Companies and their pricing
*prices do not include companies p&p

Fuschia Makeup (Ireland)
Blusher Palette €10

Vanity Makeup ( not to be confused with VanityX Makeup)
I could not find the exact pricing on the blusher palette but they do a deal for two palettes for 
€50 and I also saw that they charge a ridiculous €35 for 120 palette.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics (Ireland/International)
They have the 10 palette included in a 32 eyeshadow palette stacked on top of each other. It does look different but it is still private labelling. The double stack palette is priced at €13.49

Crown Brush (International)
10 Blush Palette €18.74

Costal Scents (International)
10 Blush Palette  €21.95

Bh Cosmetics (International) 
10 Blush Palette  €19.68

There are also sellers on Facebook and similar selling these from anywhere from  €10- €45. 
* All prices were correct as of 25/07/13

If you would like to purchase this palette and have time to wait I would highly suggest Ebay. There  are hundreds of sellers of this on ebay at the moment and the cheapest I found the palette for was €4.85 with free p&p.

Its a mighty big difference in price.

I have never been a big fan of companies who private label and tend to avoid these companies all together when buying makeup. Bar one of the companies I have mentioned above I have never blogged about them and more in likely never will.

Do you know of any other companies selling these palettes?
Were you aware of private labelling?
If not how do you feel about it now? 

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