Friday 12 July 2013

Pür Minerals Big Blink Mascara Review

* I have been trying to commit to the 6 month mascara rule i.e mascara only have a 6 month once opened sell by date and then you should bin them. I was trying really hard but when I was not getting the results I wanted from Cargo Texas Lash Mascara I had to open another one.

I am so glad I did, I am in love with this mascara. The packaging is super cure and girly with its pink bottle and silver lid. The wand is a plastic one with short bristle with some pointing left and others right. It has a few short bristle at the tip, I presume their for the shorter lashes on the corners of the eye, but I find them too short for this and end up poking myself in the eye.

So whats different about this mascara its the first one that claims to be clump resistant that actually is clump resistant. Its cruelty free which we all love. But above all this it contains an ingredient that till now I have only seen in haircare. Lashes are hair though so is it technically haircare? 

Big Lash contains Argan Oil which Pür states;
"A revolutionary ingredient loaded with vitamin E, antioxidants and omega 3 and 9 fatty acids to hydrate, protect and repair lashes."

The one con about it I always end up with black dots on my skin because my lashes get so long and curled, not a con I should really complain about eh?

As promised a comparison of the Cargo Texas Lash and Pür Minerals Big Blink. As you can see the lashes are much more separated and fanned out. Also considerably longer!

At the moment I have only been able to find this mascara on the Pür minerals website. which by the looks of things they do not deliver outside of the U.S. Which makes me believe this is not available yet on our Irish shores. 

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