Friday 28 August 2015

The Last Manicure- Tanya Burr and Ciate

Next week it is back to college for my second year of Beauty Therapy. Unfortunately that means goodbye to my nails that I have been growing since May. As part of the course our nails need to be short neat and filed. No long nails allowed, no nail polish, no gels or acrylics.
So for my last manicure I went with Peaches and Cream from Tanya Burr collection and Ciate Glitterball (Christmas Edition)

Recently Tanya Burr has relaunched her collection with new packaging and added products.
Image Source
The new gold detailing brings the products all together as before her lashes packaging never really went with the packaging on lip gloss and nail polish.
I am really interested in try out her new palettes to see what the pigmentation is like, especially interested in the Eyebrow kit that comes with a mini brush and tweezers.

The new collection is available over on and which recently just launched delivery to Ireland.

Also Feel Unique have the old collection on sale and you can pick up the lip glosses for less then €2 euro in the sale using the code ADD20 for an extra 20% off.

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