Wednesday 14 December 2011

I Can Not Live Without This!!

I first discovered Batiste when I was in Secondary School so a long time ago and forever since I have never been without a bottle. It is literally my best friend, I use it at least once a week and it has never let me down. If you do not know what Batiste is Where Have You Been???

Batiste is a dry shampoo spray, not only does it absorb the oil from your hair but it also give your hair a bit of a boost. Ever wash your  hair on Monday and you wake up Tuesday morning and its greasy. Your not the only one it happens I find my hair goes like that when  I play with my hair alot or I am in a smokey room or after a night out. I refuse to wash my hair everyday because

1. Its a vibrant color and washing it alot strips the color
2. My hair gets dry when its washed to much
3. I have not got the pennies to buy more shampoo and conditioner twice as much as I already do
4. I can not be bothered takes to long to wash dry and style it and I am a busy women!!!

So this is where Batiste comes in handy at only 3.50 a can and really available everywhere( even ALDI now!)
its a steal and last a good while too depending on how much you use it. Over the years its grown as a brand and now includes sprays especially designed for brunettes, blonde's and light browns which is great because sometimes if I was in a rush some of the white spray I missed would still b noticeable in my hair and with the brunette spray now I never have that problem.

They have just launched a gold shimmer spray here in Ireland which not only cleans your hair but gives it a gold shimmer which is great for Christmas. Truthfully I do not know weather this one is for me as I would only spray this is my roots and would rather not have people know I used Batiste so having some gold shopping around my roots would be a sure giveaway! But each to their own!

If you do not own a can of Batiste go get one now you can even buy a travel size for your handbag for €1.50!

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