Saturday 31 December 2011

A Little Splurge!

When I say little I do actually mean it little I spent less then 50 euro. Why?? Well 1. I was only in Wexford, not the greatest selection of shops. 2. Superdrug did not have the makeup I wanted and 3. I waiting to go on my big makeup haul in Inglot and Brown Thomas next week. So here's what I got:

This picture does not do this jumper justice. Unfortunately not on sale but I did manage to get it down to €24.30 with my student discount(which runs out in feb :( ) This monochrome jumper is so cosy and perfect over jeans and leggings for a casual chic look. Pair it with a heeled boot and your ready for drinks with the girlies on a Friday night. Oh I got it in New Look in the AX Paris section.

Next I got a few little bargains in Penneys/Primark. I picked up this gorg red satchel for €6 reduced from 13. I know their going out of fashion, frankly I do not car and I think their perfect for nights out. Clutches are well too annoying for me I can not dance hold my drink and socialise holding a clutch and the whole under the arm thing I can not do. See I talk with my hands as well as my wrists and my whole arms and so I have to have one arm free to chat with so satchels are my thing. Also I can fit my shoes in here as well as other night out necessities. I may be a city girl but I have some culchie habits!

Next I got this emerald and gold ring for €1, it looks black in the picture but it is emerald green. I am not a huge fan of jewellery I had tattoos before I had my ears pierced at 19, but I do like costumy jewellery when I am dressing up. I do agree jewellery can make an outfit! And it's also great to put in my
Kit for shoots.

I also got this cute peacock feathered clip for €1 also again great to have in my kit and I think it would make a cute broach on a black dress. I did have a fab pair of feather peacock earrings during the summer but I pulled them apart and used them for eyebrows in one of my shoots. Check it out HERE!

I also got two string tops in Penneys for €3 I usually pay €7 for one black one. So this was a great buy! I usually wear these under my chiffon tops if it's cold or cardigans.

Finally I got some black flats for €2, I get new black flats every month it does not matter where I buy them and how much I spend them I just over wear them because of work and I wear them in all weather also that they just fall apart. So I get Penneys ones now their cheap and they go with everything. What more could I want.

I will be doing a few haul blogs this week because of a few online deliveries so hope you do not mind and you like them as much as my other posts!

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