Monday 12 December 2011

120 Eyeshadow Pallette - Do not get ripped off!

Most have you have probably seen these palettes before, they can vary in colors. I have one very similar to this and the truth is I could never live without it. It has all the mattes I could ever need and has some great colors that I would have never used before if I had not bought one. Its a palette I always have in my kit and I feel lost when I forget it.

So how much did I pay for mine, well I would have got it at the beauty show for €25 but I passed on it, I could buy the smaller 88 version from coastal scents for €15, I could get it from them sellers on Facebook who try to pass them off as real M.A.C for a ridiculous €45 upwards. I paid only €9 on Ebay and that included my p&p. Now I have heard what people say about the eye shadows from china and they contain this and that, but girls all these palettes come from the one place and are all made from the same ingredients. Ive had mine for six months and use it everyday, I have never had a problem with them and have used them on my clients and they have never had any reactions to them.

These are all manufactured in China and sold on to retailers or company's who print their own logo on them and sell them for a higher price. Their also sold to these fake dealers who are costing the cosmetics industries millions of $/£/€ a year. They are printed with the fake M.A.C logo and sold to these alleged  real M.A.C sellers on Facebook.

M.A.C never have and never will produce a palette like this, M.A.C never have and never will sell on Facebook. But I will come back to this on another blog post as its a much bigger issue then this palette.

Anyway this palette is great and you will not regret buying it, but do not pay for a logo!

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