Thursday 9 January 2014

2014 Beauty Goals

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The other day I posted my goals for 2014, I decided to write a quick list of my beauty resolutions, I am obsessed with beauty and clothes and makeup as is every #bblogger and some times you need to set yourself a few guidelines.

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  1. Mascaras, I can only open one every three months, even if I buy or receive ones within the same three months I must not open it till the one I am using dries up or the three months is up. The only exception to this rule is when a mascara is so awful and gives you eyelashes to give Spidermans webs a run for his money you may dispose of it in the bin and open a new one.
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  2.  What looks good on other people/bloggers, may not look good on you, try things on and stop shopping with your eyes. Remember you are a midget with really short legs and mini skirts are maxi skirts on you.
  3. Find a moisturiser that works for you and stop going back to your "old reliable" it does not work for you and is no longer reliable.
  4. Learn to use liquid eyeliner, gel liner is not the be all and end all.
  5. Review your brushes you have over 200 of them let people how good or bad they are.
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  6. Bigger brows are better, no matter what crazy thoughts come into your head! Remember how long it took to grow them back!
  7. Bring a makeup bag everywhere, you never know where you end up or what might happen. If you forget your foundation again, a little improvisation with concealer, powder and moisturiser works wonders. 
  8. Dare say you may forget it all always carry a spare eyebrow pencil because you can go anywhere with no makeup but not with no eyebrows.
  9. Find a good shampoo and conditioner buy a stockpile of them because remember what happened to Avon Argan Oil Shampoo, actually in general remember what happened to all of Avon!
  10. You must use who a whole eye shadow this year and not the one you use on your brows and not any black eye shadows either.

Hope you like my beauty goals of 2014!

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