Thursday 21 March 2013

Birthday Outfit Of The Night

It was my 23rd birthday on Paddy's Day but working as a bartender means I've never had my birthday off. So organised my birthday night out for Tuesday.
I spent two days trekking all over Dublin city searching for the "perfect dress". With no prevail I started looking online. Just before Christmas I won a €500 voucher from Awear. Slowly bit surely the voucher has been dwindling down and there is only €50 left. I had seen this dress in the sale in January but they only had it in a size 8 and I knew it would never fit.

Lately though I have been working my little booty off to tone up. Now I am not gonna go into too much detail but in over a year and half I have lost just about 3 stone and a stone of that has been since Christmas. I decided that I should order this dress and I had every finger crossed that it would fit. It arrived last Friday ( do great next day delivery) with a pack of sweeties as well. All my stress went away when the zip effortlessly closed and I realised I was in a size 8 dress. I then did one of those crazy happy dance around my house ( luckily nobody was home).

The dress is lace on top half and skater style leather skirt on the bottom.
To accessorize the the dress I picked up the black and gold belt in Penneys,

 as well as the balconette style bra and matching undies which are part of the new vintage boudoir lingerie collection in Penneys.

The black and gold necklace I borrowed from a friend which she got in Penneys last October. The earrings I picked up in Penneys also which matched the necklace perfectly.

For a pop of color I choose to wear my River Island floral heels I bought last year.

I had an amazing party, and had one the best birthdays in the work even though I dropped my phone in a bucket of water and fratured my finger. It would not be my birthday if crazy things did not happen!


  1. you look gorgeous and congrats on the weight loss!

  2. You look beautiful, hope you had a lovely party and well done on your weight loss, you must feel so proud! :) x


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