Monday 4 March 2013

Beauty Show Haul

Eventually made it to the beauty show today, I was supposed to go on Sunday with my friend Amy but I started to feel ill in work on Saturday night and woke up Sunday morning with a god awful flu. Got up this morning and even though my throat felt like razors I really did not want to miss out.

This year I did not go too wild and only picked up a few necessity's.

I got these packs of lashes at 1 euro each, yes that's only 50 cent a lash total bargain. It was just from one them no branded stalls and they were in a basket on the floor. If they had of had any more styles I would have taken the lot.

Picked up 3 small nail glitters for 2 euro each just for some experimenting.

Was in need of new individual lashes and especially with the birthday coming up got short medium and long they were 3 for 2 so got the lot for under 8 euro.

Opi was there and you can not bypass their stall with out picking something up. I got the top and base coat at 6 euro each and the shade The Living Daylights from the Skyfall Collection for 4.50. Its glitter I could not say no

As always a trip to crown is needed I picked up 3 eyeliner brushes at 3 euro each and also a smaller blusher brush for my mam for mothers day at 6 euro. Did not go too wild as they will be at imats in London in June and I will be heading there with a long list.

This was my only kind of spur of the moment buy of the day. Back in September my sister bought me sleep in rollers for my bride maids duties at her wedding. (Subtle hints were left) I have yet to do a review on them due to the fact I was slightly dissapointed in the I was not getting the curl I wanted from them. So I headed over to the sleep in roller stand to see if I was doing anything wrong. Low and behold I have now own a Sleep in Roller  Hairdryer Hood which set me back 15 euro. Now I am trying not to get my hopes up to much but I will do a review on the whole set in the next coming weeks. Fingers crossed I will have Big Bouncy Curly hair!


  1. omg I want everything, that is some good quality haul you got :)

  2. Hi Megan, I nominated you for the liebster blog award :) Check the link below for the questions..
    Vicki x

  3. Great buys girl!! Hope the sleep rollers work out good for you I got ones similar too :) x


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