Thursday 16 May 2013

Studding it up! DIY Studs

Getting a bit creative lately and picked up a bag of 100 silver studs on Ebay for 1 euro!! They did take 5 weeks to arrive but the buyer refunded me my money because they took so long and once they arrived I just repaid her. I was heading to a PR event yesterday at the gorgeous Morgan Hotel in Temple Bar, and felt that  my boots just needed a bit of doing up.

My boots are two years old and are on their way out, can not really complain I bought them in the children's section in Penneys/Primark for 14 euro. Bit of a bargain if I say so myself. So quickly before I popped out the door I quickly threw a few studs into the boots.

Not the straightest of studding but the great thing is the studs are easily removed and placed again. I am now thinking of what else to stud in my wardrobe.

Speaking of Ebay I have three dresses for sale my Lipsy dress was only worn twice and Topshop dress once and the blue one still have tags attached. Feel free to make me an offer.

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