Thursday 14 February 2013


Single on valentines? End of the world right!
Seeing couples declare their undying love for each other make you feel sad and lonely?
Shop windows covered in love hearts and teddy bears remind you of what ifs and past loves?

My social networking sites this week have been inundated with people updating statuses with;
" Need to find a date for Valentines." And hash tagging #foreveralone. As a "permanent singleton" who has only ever spent one valentines with someone in all my years of dating, I am sick of people moaning! I was hoping to avoid the day by sleeping and working but my roster did not turn out that way. At first I was noooo, instantly must find a date/call an ex/ buy alot of munches, hire a mother load of DVDs and spend the day under my duvet avoiding the love fest outside. At the same time because we're all sheep hash tagging #foreveralone. Then it struck me that none of it even mattered.

My friend text me with news that she had organised a date for valentines so she would not be another statistic of a trending article on twitter and for when people asked what she got up to she would not seem lonely and she smile and say she had a date. This was a new boy that she had blindly been set up with so when agreeing to the date she barely knew anything about him (apart from he was a hot piece of arm candy). Few days on and countless texts later she has found out this boy is a clinger, already has cute pet names for her and in his words wants to make her 'his girl'. So with the date tonight, she is dreading it and actually wishes she was hiding under her duvet with munchies and DVDs.

The whole situation made me realise how happy I am with life right now and been single is part of it! I could not be bothered with the fact I am alone on valentines. Pretty glad I am not stressing over what size cologne to get the boy and what shade of red lipstick to wear to our dinner date. The one valentines I did have , due to my workaholicsness I totally forgot about it. And while my boyfriend at the time lavished me with jewellery cards and chocolates, I was like "Eh I will cook you dinner later."
I am not saying been in a relationship is a bad thing or that I would not be as happy if I was in one, but at this moment I am not. I am just going to let things run their course and when I am supposed to be in one I will be.

An I happy for all them loved up couples out there? Of course. Two of my work friends recently got together and I am thrilled for them even if I was the go between man/messaging service while they plucked up the courage to finally bite the bullet. I am actually looking forward to hear their loved up valentines story on Friday of what they got up to and what they got each other.

Single on Valentines? So what! End of the world did not occur on December 22nd and will not occur on February 14th just because your alone! Embrace it and if you can not then treat it as any other Thursday, it's just another day anyway. Do not want to sit in alone, then make plans with friends, go see your little old nanny/grandad, go gym, go for a walk, do whatever. But remember you do not become happy just because your in a relationship, you need to be happy within yourself first. Love will come when it's supposed to, it might mean a few more single valentines but hey you got through this one you can get through them all.

And if you are in a relationship have a great day and I hope your spoilt with love and affection. And remember Valentines maybe all materialistic these days but the greatest gift you can give someone is just showing you care!

Happy Valentines!

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  1. Aw great post! I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you have a great day what ever your doing x

  2. that was a really good post, really likeed the topics you touched on! you so right it will come when the time is right!!


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