Sunday 27 November 2011

This Winters Chapped Lips Saviour!!

Ireland has been getting colder lately and the talk of the dreaded snow is among us!! My friends and family seem to be dropping like flies with colds and flu's, luckily (fingers, toes and everything else crossed) I am still sniffle free! The one thing I do suffer from though is chapped lips. For years I used to leave the lips sticks and glosses behind and carry a tube of Vaseline in my pocket dosing my lips every hour trying to get rid of the flaky skin. It was only this year I was told that Vaseline does not work it actually dries them out more!! So I went in search of a new product and alas I found one!!!

On one of many random shopping trips with my beautiful friend Noelle, she told me about an article she read in one of the many fashion magazines about a exfoliating scrub for the lips and that u did not need to carry a lip balm around all day with you. The minute she said LUSH made it I knew it would be Divine!!. So we popped into LUSH on College Green in search of this wonder potion.

The wonderful LUSH store assistant pointed us in the right direction as we looked like two lost puppy's in search of a bone. This lip scrub comes in 3 flavours Bubblegum, Sweet Lips and my favorite Mint Julips. All handmade and made from natural ingredients. These scrubs main ingredient is sugar so their edible and its kind of hard to resist having a little taste! They taste as delish as they smell!!!

These little jars work out around €7 but last a life time. All u need is a pea size amount each morning to scrub into your lips each morning, after giving them a good scrub just wash off the scrub and then apply your favorite lip balm. By the time your finished applying the rest of your makeup your lips should be flake free and nicely moisturized so you can apply your favorite lippy. So girls and boys forget about those previous years chapped lips and say hello to kissable lips all year around!!

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