Monday 28 November 2011

The Heel Condom-The Only Reusable Condom!!

OK something different for today readers, not only do I have a makeup obsession I also have a shoe and bag one. I am always on the look out for a pair of amazing shoes and I think my whole shoe collection has cost more then my entire wardrobe. On my last count I have around 80 pairs of shoes from flats to sandals to heels to skyscrapers that I have yet to master how to walk in!Unfortunately I do not always have the money to be going out and spending €50 plus on a fab pair of shoes, so when I came across this site I was delighted.

Introducing The Heel Condom , yes that is its name its all to do with publicity and to get people talking about them and it has certainly done that. Created by 24 year old entrepreneur Sandrysabel Ortiz, these beautiful designs have already been mentioned in magazines Glamour, In Style and many more as well as numerous online blogs. Just like other Fashion Houses they create a new collection each season and there is literally a condom for everyone.

Ranging in price from $10(in sale album) to $40 in the new collection($40= €30 $10=€7.50) and postage to Ireland is only $12(€9) these are very reasonable. There is two styles to these first there was the Panty style- The evolutionary condom that fit all heel types weather their thin or thick, high or low. Secondly there was the Condom style- the original condom that protects and decorates the heel, made to fit heels ranging from 2-5 inches. Some of the ribbon design condoms can be worn in many different ways -  Check it out here! Another great feature of them is that they can be cleaned , I have often got a mark of one of my favorite pairs of shoes and they have never been the same afterwards.

Most of these condoms can go with every color of shoes, so every time you walk out the door you can be walking out in a new pair of shoes with out burning a hole in your pocket! These condoms would also be great over a pair of Penney's €10 heels.  So which condom will you choose ??

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