Monday 5 October 2015

Graduation Day- What I Wore

 If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen on Friday that I graduated. This was my graduation for Beauty Therapy Year 1 as I am currently studying Year 2. I had a great day and night with family and friends.

I have to say a big thank you to Kiera from Just the F Word Blog for her fashion posts on Facebook as when it comes to shopping for clothes for myself I hate it. All the searching, trying things on, getting frustrated ( this always happens). I just end up going home empty handed and having to spend hours searching online and then not knowing weather it is going fit until delivery. A few weeks back Kiera posted dresses from Forever 21 and I instantly screenshotted them and headed into town a few days later and picked up my graduation dress with no fuss at all. What made it even better the dress was a bargain at €14.95!

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Boohoo


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