Friday 8 November 2013

Pearlys Express Teeth Whitening At Harveys Nichols Dundrum

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Pearlys Teeth Whitening in Harvey Nicholas asking would I like to come and avail of their express teeth whitening service. I jumped at the chance as I love having white teeth and with work I always need to have a smile on my face so having a smile with so shiny white teeth makes smiling all the better.

I had whitened my own teeth 3 years prior with a at home kit which had held very well, but I do brush twice daily I have recently given up coffee, I do not smoke and drink anything I can with a straw to save my teeth.
Pearlys is not much different then home whitening except from the beautiful red goggles! Also unlike other teeth whitening Pearlys does not contain peroxide which is a big plus for me as it can cause sensitivity in teeth and make the teeth weaker.

The treatment took literally 30 minutes from consultation to prep to whitening process, I was sat down and explained what would happen and also compared my teeth to the vita shade guide. My teeth were pretty high up the white guide so it was just about getting them whiter instead of removing staining.
I was first given the powder prep which involved me wearing a little finger glove, the consultant placing powder on it and me scrubbing all around my teeth. Following this I placed the trays already containing the gel on my top and bottom teeth, putting on my safety glasses and manoeuvring the L.E.D light to my teeth area. The timer sets to 20 minutes and switches off when finished.

During this time I was told of all the products Pearlys had to offering including travelling electric toothbrush, compact mirror, floss, toothpaste and a home whitening kit. The time flew by very quick and the process was soon over. I was given a paper bag where I could put my whitening trays and a glass of water to wash the residue of the gel off my teeth.
I was very impressed with the treatment my teeth came up very well and white and for such an express treatment 3 weeks on my teeth are still looking sparkling.

I was given a little goodie bag when I left which contained their teeth whitening pen which I use once a week to maintain my white teeth, their electric toothbrush and floss.

Their 20 minute treatment cost €97 or you can avail of a double express treatment for €155.
Exclusive to Harvey Nichols Dundrum

Home Whitening Kit

If you would rather choose the home whitening kit the counter consultant will show you how to take a simple impression of your teeth. You can choose to buy the home kit also after your express treatment to continue the whitening process at home.

Home kits retail at €185 but if purchasing after your express treatment you can avail of it at €125. 

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