Thursday 6 June 2013

Pür Minerals Starter Kit Review

* I received this starter kit from the Wizard PR event, honestly I was a bit apprehensive about it I was never really a fan of mineral cosmetics. I never thought that they gave me enough coverage or sat right on my skin, I am talking from low end mineral powders to high end, nothing ever did the job and quickly went back to my liquid foundation.

The 5 piece starter kit containers a compact foundation, a compact bronzer, a correcting primer, mascara and chisel brush. The foundation and bronzer are the size of eyeshadows and honestly I do not know how long they will last but when applying you do not use that much and literally no fall out.

The primer is pretty small with only 10mls but by god is this primer amazing. you instantly see it smoothing out pores and a little goes along way. The mascara is small but I have yet to try it. I have like 6 mascaras open at the moment and they only last 6 months, so I am refraining from opening another one.

 On first impressions the brush did not seem appealing to me, it just did not look luxurious. (Bit of magpie syndrome.) Looks can be deceiving and this brush does the business. Its sturdy, does not inhale the product and blends super easy. It is not too big and easily controlled with its palm length handle.

Aghh me mug with all my flaws present!
Now for the foundation, as I said I was not optimistic, as you can see from the extra large picture of my face I suffer from redness around my nose and chin. I have slight dark circles( this was a Friday night I was well rested from few days off work. A few spots and not visible but I have broken capillaries on my cheeks.

Flaws begone!
In shock so was I! This is literally just the powder, I did two full face applications, I can get away with one application during the day but for work max coverage is best coverage. With this little powder I do not even need concealer or powder. It literally takes two processes out of my makeup application and saving on all the blending that is involved in foundation and concealer application saves me about 15 minutes.

Full face of makeup mug shot!
Excuse my big Heineken fleecy. TA DA check out my flawless face, I joke, but golly gosh what a difference makeup can make. I applied the bronzer as a contour around the outside of my face and along my nose. Otherwise I just applied a bit of blush, my eyebrows and my eye makeup.

Longevity it stays put pretty well this is a picture at around 6 in the morn so about 10 hours after application. Not as glamorous as my other pic and my redness around my nose is becoming visible, but this is after a long shift in work, been sprayed with alcohol countless times and maybe sweating a little. I know us women do not sweat but during work I am one of the boys and these things happen.

All in all I am ecstatic with this kit, I was so surprised with the results that when I do run out I will be highly thinking of repurchasing. Which is pretty big as I have no repurchased a foundation in about 6 years.

Pür Minerals Starter Kit retails at £39.50 on the English Marks and Spencer website no word yet on the Irish website on how much it will be but they do have the rest of the Pür Minerals range and the foundation compact retails at  33 euro for 8g of products. A bit steep but the results are amazing.

 * Pr sample but as always opinions are my own

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