Monday 5 November 2012

Hair Update

Well the last time you remember seeing me I would have this beautiful lilac hair. My Hunt For Silver Purple Ombre post is the most popular on the blog. As most of you know I went to Portugal for the past six months and unfortunately my lilac hair could not last the six months! It did not even last one shower. Portugal's water is so hard especially around Albufeira where I was and my purple tint would just instantly wash out, no matter how long I left it in for. 

So I had no choice I had to wave goodbye to the lilac hair I had worked so hard to get and move on. To say  I hated my hair been blonde would be an understatement! And the root regrowth was too much to deal with when your working 12 hour days, 6 days a week. So I got the great idea to dye my hair RED!

Best decision ever! Not, the red leaked out my hair, if I sweated it got all over my bed clothes and work shirt as you can see above was a beautiful uniform! After two weeks my hair was a weird shade of red and blonde and some in between colors that I desperately wanted the blonde back.

The only option I had was going darker then my natural color and try and correct this disaster. I went for the darkest brown I would find without been black and whacked on two bottles of the stuff. It was acceptable to say the least! Blonde peaked through still but I did not mind so much it just resembled some highlights and it was a vast improvement on the red.

So where am I at now! Well when I returned for my sisters wedding I got my mam to book me in to get my hair balayaged, I knew before I had left I had liked the style on brown hair and taught it would be easy enough to maintain as I still had a few weeks left over there.

It did not turn out exactly how I wanted( does it ever). I feel the balayage is too high and kind of looks like my highlights are growing out. The hairdressers put them in as streaks as well which I found weird as I believed it should have been just one color. But I am an Irish women and we just sit in the chair and complain later.

I only really like it if its curled as it shows it off better , having it straight is just a no go really, I rather just tie it up if I am not feeling like curling it.

So whats next well I am giving my hair a break till Christmas, the sun dried it out a lot and I got quiet a bit chopped off because of damage. So I am letting it recover and then I am on another mission to get it back to lilac, but this time I have learnt from my mistakes and I know what I need to do no trial and error this time.

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