Sunday 28 October 2012

Picture Sunday (4)

There are days I wish had a better phone or a smaller camera because I do not bring my iPad or camera everywhere because their just too bulky and I end up missing some great shoots i.e meeting my nanny and mam in O'Neils of Sulfolk Street and strolling out of there half cut with my nanny in tow on a Tuesday at midnight. 

But here are some pictures I did manage to capture this week;

Blinging out my nails/ Nothing better then homemade chilli and homemade garlic bread and cheese/
Mother looking after her daughter and sending up a huge tub of hot chocolate/ A hamper my dad won of porridge that nearly killed my housemate trying to get it to our house.

Watching a classic of Hocus Pocus/ Bit of pointillism/
An amazing caricature of my two nieces by Steve Mulreany/ Other side of my tattoo


  1. OMG, I just love love loveeeee your tattoo. So pretty. I really want to watch hocus pocus now too. xoxox

    1. Thanks soo much! Yes its a necessitous for Halloween to watch Hocus Pocus!


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