Wednesday 2 May 2012

Updated skincare routine!

For my New Year's resolution I vowed to take better care of my skin, to remove my makeup every night and to follow all the basic steps i.e cleanse tone moisturise. I have been doing pretty well theres been a few lazy not so sober nights where the routine has gone down the swaney but 99.9% of the time I have been really good. I found by taking care of my skin, I stated to notice more what goes on with my skin and how it reacts to certain products and how makeup sits on it. With noticing all these things I realised the products I was using were not performing aswell as they used to and I need to change completely. I started to do alot of research online on different skin care brands and peoples reviews of them, when it stuck me I had no clue what skin type I was. I knew some days I was oily and some days dry but I was really oily or dry, I knew I was combination but on what side of the combination was I?

Brands are bringing out more and more skincare ranges now with more products added for more skin types then there actually is and more products then we actually need that skincare has now become this confusing mess that women now buy because of advertising rather then what their skin actually needs.

I recently went along to two Dermalogica partnership days one here in Wexford and one at the IDI(International Dermal Institute) in Rathmines in Dublin. It really opened my mind to stop following what everyone else is raving about and reviewing and to use what my skin actually needs. On my second partnership day I received a complementary skin mapping and analysis and found out my skin was really dehydrated also that I was right I did have combination skin but only slightly and most my face is of normal skin type. F.Y.I Dry skin is a skin type that your born with. Dehydrated skin is a skin condition that can be fixed.

I picked up a few products to fit in with some products I already had.

Special Cleansing gel you only need a pea size amount that yo mix with either hot or cold water to wash your face, I repeat this step first cleanse to remove my makeup and second cleanse to clean my skin. I do this every morning and every night.

 I already had this product and I was tempted to buy Demalogica Micoexfoliant but I hate wasting perfectly good products. I use this every morning to exfoliate my face. This has really Small beads that soften when moisturized so its not harsh on the skin.

 This toner is my new best friend, how I lived without it I will never know. Its a mist not a spray two pumps and your face is toned, the smell is devine and it also can be used over makeup. If you powdered too much or your face is starting to feel a bit tight mist it on and your fabulous again!

Moisturizer, it aimed for combination skin, like mine only contains a small amount of oil not too much, again a little goes along way with this. I use this morning and night.

I got this free with my toner, bu I was on the look out for a new masque as my other masque were aimed at more oilier skin types and were drying out my skin. I use this once a week.
Protect, Protect, Protect. As you all know I am very protective over my ghostly pale skin and the last thing I want is to grow old too fast. I apply this over my moisturizer and under my foundation also down my neck and onto my chest area. I know I am going over to Portugal now and I am going to tan no matter what I do I can not avoid the sun, but I will be tanning the right way and the protective way.
I am only including this because I am using it, nothing to rave about it.I bought it to see if it would remove my Inglot gel liner (which is bomb proof) and it did not live up to the job. As I a going to Portugal I am hoping to pick up the cult product Bioderma so just using this till it ruins out.
Look how Dehydrated I am!


  1. Great post, I would love to get that done or at least some kind of consultation regarding my skin!

    1. Oh it was great defo look in to getting it done will help you understand your skin more!


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